7 frühe lieder - Medium voice (Seven early Songs)

360,00 kr
Sättning Medium voice and piano
Kompositör Berg Alban

Övrig information
These seven compositions for voice were written in the early part of Alban Berg's distinguished career, a period during which he was under the instruction of Arnold Schoenberg. Long available for soprano voice, Seven Early Songs has now been transposed for medium voice, due to popular demand. Bearing touches of Strauss and Mahler, this collection of songs in varying styles features texts by the likes of Carl Hauptmann, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Theodor Storm. For the advanced singer.


Nacht/Night (Hauptmann) 3min 20s (G flat major/E flat minor)
Schilflied/Song Amongst the Reeds (Lenau) 2min (D minorl)
Die Nachtigall/The Nightingale (Storm) 1min 40s (B major)
Traumgekrönt/A Crown of Dreams (Rilke) 2min 20s (E minor)
Im Zimmer/Indoors (Schlaf) 50s (G major) · Liebesode/Lovers' Ode (Hartleben) 1min 35s (D sharp minor)
Sommertage/Summer Days (Hohenberg) 1min 20s (A minor)