66 Chorale Improvisations op. 65 1 Vol. 5

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Kompositör Karg-Elert Sigfrid

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Vol. 5: Reformation Day, Day of Repentance, Holy Communion, Memorial Day

Table of Contents

45. Out of the depths I cry to Thee
46. Lamb of God, our Saviour
47. A sure stronghold our God is He
48. Jerusalem, thou city fair and high
49. I will leave my Jesus never
50. O God, Thou faithful God (2nd version)
51. Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness
52. Seems it in my anguish Tone
53. Not in anger, mighty God (To the fable of the Lord)
54. Sink not yet, my soul, to slumber (Lord, Thou hast for all our sins)
55. Who knows how near my end may be