Ricercare CD-ROM - Revised edition 2009

597,50 kr
Sättning CD-Rom
Kompositör Bieri Martin

Övrig information
The "Sherlock Holmes of the Organ" Gets a Makeover

Search (= ricercare) successfully for chorale settings – and find them! After eight years on the beat, it was finally time for Ricercare, the "Sherlock Holmes of the Organ," to get a badly needed makeover, i.e. to be supplied with new information and technical updates. The makeover did a world of good to the CD-ROM. Loaded with new info, Ricercare now zips along prestissimo through the vast data world of more than 20,000 cantus-firmus-related organ works and provides comprehensive information on melodies, composers, editions, arrangements, publishers and much more. At the center are (chorale) melodies that can be found in the leading German-language hymnals.