Works for Ensemble and Catalogue of the Complete Works (FbWV)

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Övrig information
Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke VII
New Edition of the Complete Works VII

Each volume in this bilingual edition of all the works by Johann Jacob Froberger (1617–1667) contains a Critical Commentary and a detailed Preface with sections on the edition’s scope and subdivisions, editorial method, and on performance practice, as well as with discussions of contemporary instruments, ornamentation, and Froberger’s life.

Volume VII now brings the complete edition to a close. It contains the two previously unpublished motets “Alleluja absorta est mors” (FbWV 701) and “Apparuerunt Apostolis” (FbWV 702), both for soprano, tenor, bass, two violins and continuo, as well as the “Capriccio in C” (FbWV 706) for four voices or four instruments. The appendix provides a catalogue of all Froberger works known to date (FbWV), including, as applicable, the incipit of each work and an entry on its instrumentation, date of composition, editions, and sources along with special comments. Another heading directs readers to the most important references in the secondary literature.

• Complete urtext edition at the cutting edge of scholarship
• First publication of two motets
• Catalogue of all Froberger works in an appendix (FbWV)