Music for the Piano - Vol 1

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Asian Songs and Rhythms

First Series

Greek Melody
Greek Round Dance
Greek Song
Kurd Melody for two Flutes
Oriental Song
Persian Song
Atarnakh, Kurd Song
Tibetan Melody
Armenian Melody
Song of the Molokans

Second Series

Song of the Aisors
Kurd Shepherd's Dance
Song of the Fisherwomen
Persian Dance
Song of Ancient Rome
Armenian Song
Ancient Greek Melody
Long ago in Mikhailov
Oriental Melody
Assyrian Women Mourners

Third Series

Kurd Melody from Isfahan
Hindu Melody
Armenian Song
Greek Melody
Afghan Melody
Kurd Melody
Ancient Greek Melody
Ancient Greek Dance
Greek Song
Arabian Dance
Greek Melody
Tibetan "Masques", No. 1
Tibetan "Masques", No. 2
Kurd Shepherd Melody