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The Desktop Studio - Revised Edition

282 kr
When the first edition of The Desktop Studio appeared, computers were in the process of taking over the recording business. That job is now complete - not only in the way music is recorded, but in the way it's written, distributed, and heard.

Today, new software instruments, amp simulators, and effects stand alongside the ever evolving recording software that changed recorded music forever, while faster and smaller hardware continues to redefine the size, portability, and creative potential of the "recording" studio.

This revised edition of The Desktop Studio will help you wade through all of the tools available in clear, concise, and musician-friendly language. Now, more than ever before, your computer can be a recorder, mixer, editor, video production system, musical instrument, and even a gateway to your audience. The Desktop Studio will help you get the most out of your computer and turn it - and you - into a creative powerhouse.

It is a fully illustrated, comprehensive look at software and hardware, and provides expert tips for getting the most out of your music computer.


An expanded look at software instruments and samplers, with tips to help you manage all that content
A new section devoted to laptop users
A new section on integrating hand-held recorders, iPods, and other portables into your studio
A tutorial on basic video editing
A special section for beginners, including tips for getting the whole family making music
New tips for distributing music via online tools like MySpace, iTunes, and more
A look at the latest gear - and a look ahead to what may be coming in the future