Geniuses Of The American Musical Theatre - The Composers And Lyricists
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Kompositör: Keyser Herbert

Övrig information:
This volume collects, for the first time, twenty-eight biographies of the greatest songwriters and lyricists of Broadway musicals. It goes below the surface to see what made them tick and to uncover the secrets of their success - as well as the personal foibles that sometimes led to their downfall.

Long-time theatre-lover and stage veteran Herbert Keyser takes us on a personal journey through the music that made these great artists so much a part of our history and our lives.

Keyser has assembled a reader-friendly collection of stories that will capture your heart, bring a tear to your eye or a smile to your face, and all the while have you singing along. In presenting these life histories, full of drama, humour, and poignancy, The Geniuses Of The American Musical Theatre gives us the story of the golden age of Broadway from a well-informed, witty, and warm-hearted new perspective.

The first book of its type ever assembled, it is a tremendous attraction for all those who love theatre and popular music, with intimate, little-known details of popular songwriters' lives.